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That Stands for Pool

Posted on Tue Sep 28th, 2021 @ 4:30am by Ensign Sekhem Peth & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij MCh

Mission: Mission 2.5: Intermission
Location: Holodeck

Up until about fifteen minutes ago, Jayla's plans for the evening were to get into her snuggliest pajamas and curl up with a good book. Alex was on the late shift tonight, so it was just her, Lucas, and Silver. And since the spidermunk and horned fox were the early to bed sort, that left just Jayla.

Luckily, it appeared that someone had some holodeck time and was keen to share it. A CPO Stanwood Whaley had sent an open invitation to a pool tournament on the holodeck tonight. So, instead of changing into her snuggliest pajamas, Jayla was changing into a pair of ultra stretchy, yet form-hugging red pants and a white sleeveless top with black flowers printed on it. Comfortable and mildly sexy.

It had been a few years since Jayla had played, but she had been middlingly good at it. And anyway, the point was to have fun, not to win. Not that she wasn't going to try very hard to win, but she had no delusions about her odds.

Unless of course, everyone was really terrible at it.

She pulled on a pair of black ballet flats, gave Silver a scritch behind the ears, checked that Lucas was safely on the other side of the room, and headed out the door.

Upon entering the holodeck, she glanced around for anybody familiar. She recognized a couple of nurses and waved at them, but did not head over. No, there were far too many new people here and she needed to meet them. In fact, there was a Tellarite woman that she was fairly certain she hadn't met yet. At least, she was fairly certain she hadn't met her. And as she'd only met a handfull of Tellarites in her life, she supposed she would remember. As the other woman was near the rack of pool cues, she had a reason to head over. "Hi," she said with her typical grin as she approached. "I'm Jayla."

"Yes, darling, I would like a refill!"

Sekhem handed her empty cocktail glass to Jayla and climbed back onto the little round café table to resume her dance. All five feet of her fell into an easy rhythm as her upraised hands swayed in rhythm to her body. The mid-thigh red romper she wore showed off her more than shapely legs and wideset hips.

"Woooo!" she hollered to the music.

With an amused grin, Jayla asked the computer to refill the drink. It wasn't even alcoholic, but something told her that was a good thing; this girl should probably NEVER drink real alcohol. "Here you go," she said, trying to hold back her laughter.

Rather than drink it, Sekhem tossed it onto her lady humps and started shaking her chest. "WOOOOO!" she screamed all the louder. "Now it's a party!"

Glancing around, Jayla realized that just about everybody was ignoring her. The only person- aside from herself- that wasn't was a Bolian with a distasteful look on his face. "Are you playing?" he asked the dancing girl with a decidedly weary tone to his voice. "Or would you prefer to dance on the tables all night?"

"I would if I knew how," Sek shot back. "You wanna teach me?"

With a long-suffering sigh and a roll of his eyes, the Bolian slowly turned and walked away.

“Guess that’s a no,” said Jayla. “I’ll teach you, though!” She was, it seemed, too nice for her own good. Still, she needed to make new friends. Maybe this Tellarite was more fun if she was occupied with an activity. Maybe they’d get along really well.

Then again, maybe Jayla would want to stab herself in the eye before the night was out.

"Now that's the tits!" Jumping down from the table, Sek then ran for the pool cues lined up on the wall. She grabbed one at random and started swinging it around like a staff. "Where are those balls? I'm gonna whack me some!"

"No, that's not- no, stop!" exclaimed Jayla, catching the cue mid-swing. "You're going to put an eye out. Now come over here and I'll show you," she added, motioning towards the nearest table.

"Damn, girl, chill out! I'm just having some fun!" Sek protested. "Now you gonna show me how to play or not?"

"Absolutely," agreed Jayla, already regretting the decision. "This table is already set up. Now, the trick is to prod that white ball with the cue and hit the other balls into the holes. You see how some have stripes and some are solid? That's how you know which balls are yours. You can call which one you want, but most people just take whichever happens to go into the hole first. Follow me so far?"

"Yes, grab the pole and pop the balls," Sek said mischievously. "I know this game well, so let's get goooing!!!"

"Then... then why did you ask for help?" asked Jayla, completely flummoxed.

"I meant the other game of stick and balls," Sek said as she took the opening shot. "Sounds like the skills are transferable."

The break sounded off with a hard clack, and the balls were away, rebounding off all sides of the table. None of them found their way to a pocket, though. "Maybe they don't..."

Jayla rolled her eyes. "Not much for subtlety, huh?" she said, examining the table. She chose the 13 ball near the side pocket. "Lewd jokes work better when you're already in a relationship," she added, stretching across the table to hit the cue ball into the orange striped ball, which fell satisfyingly into the pocket. There were no direct lines from there, so she attempted to ricochet the cue ball off the side and into the 10, but succeeded only in moving the ten into the six. She stood back to let Sek take her turn.

"Are you hitting on me, Spots?" Rushing up to the table, Sek made a hasty shot that missed the red ball and sent the white one off the table. "Hm. That was a bad shot..."

"Ya think?" grinned Jayla, retrieving the ball and returning to the table with it. "And no, I'm actually in a relationship. And neither of us is into threesomes. Which is really weird, considering I'm a joined Trill. We're usually up for all kinds of kink." She picked her spot and placed the ball the width of the butt of the cue stick away from the wall of the table and took her shot, successfully sinking the 11 ball. She missed the 10 again, nearly sinking it in the corner pocket, but it stopped just short. "Oh, come on!" she complained at it.

Sek clapped. "Good job, but now I'll get to finish it. Take this!" While she did successfully sink the 10 ball, the cue ball followed it straight into the pocket. "Um... that still counts, right?"

"Afraid not," said Jayla, an honestly regretful, yet amused look on her face. She went to retrieve the cue ball. "Although at least this time I'm limited where I can put it. And all by balls are at the other end of the table, so...." She shrugged as she placed the ball in the best place she could. Sure enough, she knocked the solid yellow 1 ball into the side pocket. "Oh, well. Makes your job all that much easier."

" it my go?" Sek asked. "'Cause I'm gonna knock that one right into the fuggin' hole!"

"Yes, it's your turn," answered Jayla long-sufferingly.

"Hot damn!" Sekhem made another table scratch. "... it to hell!" The cue ball made a loud clack as it hit the floor. "Do-over! I get a do-over!"

"That's not the way it works," replied Jayla, retrieving the ball and choosing a place on the table. She was able to sink two more balls before missing her last striped ball. "You've got some catching up to do," she said.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!" Sek pointed at the far corner of the pool hall and had her eyes wide with horror. But with her off hand, she swiped two balls and deftly pocketed them. "Ugly ass decor, that's what!" she said. "Now, let me see..." She circled the table and looked for another shot as if she had not just cheated.

Jayla had, of course, not fallen for it and merely gave Sek a withering look. "That's not how it works," she said, exasperated.

"How what works?" Sek asked innocently.

"Fine, whatever," said Jayla. She only had two more balls- the nine plus the 8 ball- to sink. And it's not like this was an actual match. She'd just have to warn whoever played Sek to keep an eye on her. "Just take your shot."

Another hard CLACK resounded from the table as Sek actually made contact with the cue ball rather than sending it off the table. The orange 5 banked four separate times before it finally found its way in the side pocket.

"HOLY SHIT I GOT ONE!" exclaimed the Tellarite with eyes wide. She threw her hands in the air and let out a hoot.

Because Jayla was a naturally cheerful and encouraging person, she couldn't help but grin. "Woohoo!" she exclaimed cheerfully. "Don't stop now! Try another one!"

Sek hopped up on the table and sprawled out over nearly half of it in order to get the cue tip right up next to the ball. "EAT IT, STUPID BALL!" Her enthusiasm led to another table scratch as the cue ball followed the intended one into the corner pocket.

Jayla only sighed and went to retrieve the cue ball. "Bad luck," she said, silently hoping that she could sink the last striped ball and the 8 ball to end this game quickly. She chose her spot and placed the cue on the table. The nine was near the side pocket. If she could graze it just right, she could push it in the right direction. She carefully aimed and then hit the cue right into the nine. The nine rolled slowly towards the side pocket and paused on the edge before falling into the pocket. "Woohoo!" she exclaimed happily. Then she examined the table and found the eight at the far end hiding neatly behind another ball. Scratching her chin, she decided to bank the cue off the side and attempt to get the eight into the corner pocket. "Eight ball, corner pocket," she said, nodding to the pocket in question. Then, taking careful aim, she hit the cue in the right direction.

As the ball sank, a chime sounded.

"What's that mean?" Sek asked. "Is the game over? But I still got balls left! What am I supposed to do with them now?!"

"Practice by hitting them in," answered Jayla. "I think the chime was the beginning of the tournament, though. Yeah, looks like everybody is gathering. You gonna join?"

Sekhem blew her tongue out at Jayla. "Fuck no! I'm here to party!" At that, she climbed back up on the table and started shaking her voluptuous porcine curves as before.

Jayla took a huge breath and glanced around to see the Bolian again gazing at Sek in mild disgust. "I took my turn," she said. "She's your problem now." And with that, she went to join the rest of the group getting ready for the tournament.

"WOOOOO!!!" Someone had been foolish enough to put more drinks in Sekhem's hands. If anyone had asked her the next morning about the tournament, she would have asked, "What tournament?"


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