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Clean Up On Aisle Nope

Posted on Thu Jul 1st, 2021 @ 3:45am by Captain Pierce Hunnicutt MCh & Lieutenant Bronwyn P'ril & Master Warrant Officer Cipher & Lieutenant Jack Devlin

Mission: Mission 2: No Good Deed
Location: Sick Bay

The engineers and security team had returned to the Sherman Potter only moments ago. Armed with the now reversed translator, some of them made their way to Sick Bay while others went to assist with the two now subdued creatures in Waste Reclamation.

The scene in Sick Bay was on the verge of chaos. All over, doctors were attempting to tranquilize the Durrighash and it was just not working.

P’ril cursed. “This is going to be tricky,” she said. “I have an idea. Mr. Devlin, can you distract this smaller one long enough that I can set the translator next to it?”

"Umm....sure," Devlin said, rather dubiously. He looked around to make sure that no one would be in harm's way but him and glanced back at P'ril. "Ready?" he asked. Not waiting for a response, he picked up a small box containing tubes of dermaplast and lobbed it at the creature then ran in front of it, waving his arms and yelling. The box hit the Durrighash on the nose, getting its attention, and it lunged for Devlin as he dashed in front of the creature. Luckily, Devlin's reflexes were quick and he placed himself into a slide that took him under the Durrighash and he leaped to his feet behind the reptilian.

Darting forward, P'ril placed the translator on the biobed, then backed into her previous position. Now to get the Durrighash to turn around again....

"Cipher!" called Pierce, spotting the Binar among the group of newcomers. "Make sure that translation matrix syncs to the ship's computer as quickly as possible!" But that was all the time he had for conversation because the Durrighash he was attempting to subdue was waking quickly.

"The syncing is already in progress," Cipher said with the bored monotone of someone who was just ordered to do something that was nearly finished. The computer sounded off a tone with a melodious ding. "It is finished."

Tiny beeps rang all across Sick Bay as the translators of everyone wearing one received the new information. Suddenly, the clicks and squeals and grunts were replaced with a cacophony of new voices.

"Why do they tie our tails?"

"This one is damaged."

"Do not kill them!"

"Fiends! They have severed our tongues!"

P'ril didn't know what else to do, so she called to the Durrighash now following Devlin's moves. "Hey!" she shouted, then kicked the biobed to create some noise. Hopefully it would look her way.

"What tongue do you hiss, scaleless one, that your unsibilant words are known in my ear holes?"

Without a word- for talk would have done no good to one who could not understand- P'ril looked pointedly at the translator laying on the bed, then back to the Durrighash. She slid her second translator out of her other ear and held it up. She looked again at the other translator, then turned her head and placed the second one in her ear. She then nodded to the translator on the biobed, then to the Durrighash.

The Durrighash hesitantly put the earpiece into the proper hole against its head and squealed. "You ssspeak my language! How? You lack the forked tongue! What marvelous technology you have!"

For the first time on her life, P’ril was 100% unabashedly grateful that she was Vulcan. Not that she had been ashamed of it before. It had simply been a neutral fact. But now, it meant that she was able to keep herself from laughing in pure joy. “Please tell your comrades to stop fighting,” she said in an even tone. “We mean you no harm.”

Devlin moved slowly behind the Durrighash, so as not to startle it. He glanced at P'ril to make sure his movements weren't distracting the creature.

"You will not harm us if we stop fighting?" the Durrighash asked. "We will never surrender!"

“We will not,” P’ril promised. “Captain! We must stop trying to subdue them!”

Pierce glanced up from doing just that and shot her a look that suggested what he thought about her sanity. “What?!” he said.

“We must,” she repeated. “It is the only way.”

After several seconds’ hesitation, Pierce stepped back from the Durrighash he had been holding down on the biobed. “I sure hope you’re right,” he muttered almost to himself. “Everyone! Stand down!” he ordered.

The Durrighash withdrew in proportion to the Starfleet officers' withdrawal. "We accept your surrender," said the one who had spoken previously to P'ril. "I am Zkriyzs and you are transslithering on my vessel."

“Well, actually, funny story,” started Pierce. “Actually, you’re on our ship. We brought you here because you were injured and we could find your sick bay. Um… hospital,” he added, concerned that the term sick bay was a little too cultural for the translators. “You are absolutely not prisoners and are free to return to your ship any time. We were just saving your lives.”

“Another hour and you all would have been dead,” agreed P’ril. “Your ship lost life support. You would have frozen to death.”

Holding his hands up to show surrender, Devlin moved around the Durringhash and took up position next to P'ril. He kept his hands visible to the creature but was ready to grab his sidearm in a heartbeat if needed.

It took a moment for the litany of new information to process within the dinosaur's brain. Raptor-like eyes turned cat-like as the pupils narrowed into diamond slits. "So... you have captured us..." The Durrighash bowed its double-jointed knees. "We are your slaves. Honor our peaceful surrender and we will not devour you in your sssleep."

"You misunderstand," replied Pierce. "We do not take slaves. We brought you here only to heal your injuries. And, if you would like assistance, we can help repair your ship."

"Then you mean to eat us?!" The Durrighash recoiled in horror. "In that case, I resssscind our surrender!"

“Definitely not,” replied Pierce, shocked.

“We mean to befriend you,” offered P’ril. “That is why we healed you- to show you kindness and friendship.”

“Yes!” agreed Pierce. “What she said. We wish only for friendship.”

"Friend-ship," the Durrighash said curiously. "So you wish to merge our crews together into one vessel? I do not think our engineering could accomplish such a feat."

"No," said Pierce with a slight grin. "Friendship means that we help each other when we can. And if we meet by chance, we say hello and tell one another what we've been doing while we were apart. It means we trust each other fully."

The Durrighash cocked its head from side to side in what may have been his species' equivalent of a nodding gesture. "Yes, yes, yaaasss! We shall forge a mighty friendship that will trek through the stars!"

"That we will, my friend," agreed Pierce with a friendly grin, careful to keep his lips closed lest the reptile think he was baring his teeth.

The other Durrighash had only understood one side of the conversation and were still wary of the Starfleet Personnel. Some continued to hiss menacingly, unsure of what was going on.

"Don't suppose you can tell the others," added Pierce, nodding towards the uneasy reptiles nearby.

"Very well..."

Turning to his compatriots, the Durrighash began hissing and growling. Most of the others cocked their heads back and forth, except for one who lunged forward and put their teeth around his neck.

"They accept all terms," said the Durrighash with strained enunciation.

"We usually shake hands," said Pierce, eyeing the second Durrighash, "but I think we've got a Klingon in security if you insist on a bite."

"What's a Klingon?" asked the Durrighash. "This was unrelated to present circumstances. She just intends for us to ... mate later."

“Congratulations,” replied Pierce, barely able to keep from laughing. “But for now, I believe it may be helpful if we can get you all some translators- the little device in your ear- and then we can help get your ship back in order.”

Stepping forward, P’ril produced a number of translators the engineers had managed to adjust for the Durrighash and laid them out on the biobed. Sharing technology wasn’t usually allowed, but if they were going to get the reptiles on their way again, it was necessary.

They hissed at one another for a bit, but finally the Durrighash all placed the translation devices into their ear holes.

“If you will follow me,” said P’ril, “we will take you back to your ship. I am afraid we set off an ‘unbelong’ alert and were forced to reboot the computers. I believe we did it correctly, but translations were difficult…”

Her voice trailed off as she led the lizards into the corridor.

Pierce breathed a sigh of relief as he watched them go. “I suppose that could have been a lot worse,” he said to nobody in particular. “All right. Let’s make sure our wounded are on the mend and then get some rest.” He took a single step, then stopped and tapped his combadge. “All hands, this is the captain,” he said. “End lockdown. And if you see a Vulcan leading giant lizards through the corridors, ignore them. Hunnicutt out.”


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