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How Many Fans Can a Ship Have?!

Posted on Sat Jun 19th, 2021 @ 5:15pm by Lieutenant Caitlin Donovan RNP & Lieutenant Konrad Anjou MD & Senior Chief Petty Officer Alexander Rylan EMT-P & The Narrator

Mission: Mission 2: No Good Deed
Location: Waste Reprocessing

=^=Lt. Marsle to Medical. We need someone to sedate the escapees we have cornered in Waste Reprocessing.=^=

Anjou got up from his cot. "Doctor Hunnicutt, I'll get my kit and if another nurse tags along, we can deal with them."

"I'll go," Caitlin spoke up and grabbed a Field Trauma Kit from the cabinet behind her.

"A team is on their way, Marsle," Pierce replied. "Keep us posted."

Anjou nodded at Pierce as he left. "So, first time sedating a dinosaur person?" Konrad asked Caitlin as the went down the passage.

"No," Cait answered. "I gave one 10cc of anesthezine and it knocked him right out." Unfortunately it can only be used in a hypospray and that requires getting up close and personal with a very scared and pissed off reptile."

"Well the good news is that I'm also a cosmetic surgeon. So if the creature rips my face off, I have the skills to reattach it." Anjou joked. "Those are words I never thought I would say when I was in med school."

As they approached the doors to Waste Reprocessing, Cait took a deep breath and hit the button. The doors slid open with a whispering hiss that was echoed by a duet of hisses coming from the other side of the reprocessing unit. "Lt. Marsle?" she called out. "Medical team has arrived."

"About time you got here," said a grumpy, officious male voice, followed by the appearance of an unpleasant looking Chief Boatswain's Mate in an Operations Gold utility uniform. He didn't smell any better than he looked. The sound of roaring and hissing echoed from the depths of Waste Processing. "Watch your step and don't touch anything. Except for the lizards. We do important work down here and we have very sensitive equip---" the man stopped suddenly when he saw Alex Rylan and a scowl formed on his face. "YOU!"

Alex looked equally shocked, then it became clear he was trying not to crack up. "I don't believe it. Lieutenant, Meet Shitz. He used to be my favorite first class BM, but now it appears he's the Chief BM. His parents must be so proud. Shitz and I go way back. You might even say I've been through some serious shit with Shitz. Isn't that right, Chief?"

"Laugh it up, Senior," Shitz said. "You maybe a big shot up in medical, but you're in the Shit House now, and this is my domain and the sooner you and Security and those Gods be damned lizards are out of here, the better!" He scowled again. "Lieutenant Marsle's team is over this way. Try and keep up."

Alex chuckled as looked at Lieutenant Donovan and shrugged. "Good ole Shitz," he said. "Oh well. Where angels fear to tread and all that jazz." Alex started to follow Chief Shitz through Waste Processing, headed towards the sound of the cornered lizards.

Cait looked at Alex and lifted an eyebrow. "Shitz? Really?" she whispered. "Talk about type casting," she said, teasingly.

"Over here," Marsle called out. "They're secured by our security field."

Sure enough, from behind a forcefield came a shriek followed by the sizzle of said forcefield as the Durrighash behind it threw itself at it, perhaps testing for weaknesses.

"We hit them with level 4 stun but it had no effect," Marsle reported.

"Too bad we don't have a blow dart handy," Caitlin said, only partly joking.

"Were the Durrighash effected by cold?" Anjou asked. "If so, can we change the climate in here? Even if it just slows them down, I can still try and hit it him with a hypospray."

"Worth a try," Alex said. "But maybe I should try to hit it with the hypospray? Or at least help? I'm trained for the up close and personal rough stuff." Alex pulled a PaDD out of a pocket on his uniform. "I can access the environmental controls from this. I use it to test the system when I'm doing health and safety inspections. We'll have to go slow. A sudden, rapid change in temperature could harm or kill it. A gradual change, assuming it's like any other lizard, would cause it to start to enter a dormant state. It's a survival mechanism. But it only postpones death from the low temp. So again, we need to go carefully and monitor its condition. Once it starts to slow down, we make a go for it. We can't wait until it keels over, unfortunately."

Cait stood close to the force field and waited...a hypospray loaded and ready.

Alex started lowering the temperature slowly. As the temperature lowered, the lizard's movements became more sluggish. Then it began to stagger. Its skin began to turn an unhealthy looking gray and Alex began to worry that it would die before it dropped. Finally, it fell over and lay still.

"Lieutenant Donovan," Alex said, drawing his phaser and aiming at the near comatose lizard. "I'm going to deactivate the forcefield. When I do, jump in there and hit it with the hypo spray." Alex moved to the side so he'd get a clear shot at the lizard if it tried to attack Cait. "Go on three. Ready?"

The force field disappeared and Cait said, "three," and stepped in, quickly administering the drug then stepped back so the field could be reactivated. Over her shoulder she said to Alex, "what'd I say about the lieutenant crap?" In a joking tone.

The Durrighash in question flailed pointlessly, attempting to knock the doctors off their feet. But it was pointless, of course. Not only were they beyond his reach, but the cold and the drug were taking effect.

"Where's the other one?" asked one of the security officers charged with chasing them down. She attempted to peer through the force field and look around for it.

With a roar the saurian hunter jumped on Anjou and plunged its talons into Anjou's shoulders. Anjou fell on his back, the creature on top of him. One talon was on Anjou's neck, the Durrighash raised its other talon to bring down on the supine doctor. It was then the lizard humanoid collapsed in a heap on top of Anjou, the sedative doing its work.

A bleeding Anjou looked towards the others. "Hey, good news. I found the other one."

Cait dropped to her knees next to Anjou and opened her FTK. She grabbed an ABD pad, tore open the package and shoved it against Anjou's wound. With her free hand she fumbled in the kit for the dermal-regenerator until she felt the familiar device. She pulled it out and lifted the bandage so she could begin to close the wound. "Alex...start a fluid replacer," she said.

"Aye, aye... Cait," Alex said. He got down next to Anjou, opened his own field kit and got to work. "Okay, Lieutenant Anjou, just like your first lover, your going to feel a little prick and then it'll finished in a second. And... there." Once Alex had a line started, he attached the fluid replacer. "See," Alex said. "Nothing to it."

"Actually my first girl friend's words were 'You're done already?" Anjou tried to be funny while wincing in pain. "Can I switch out that replacement fluid for a bottle of Burgundy? I know my blood will thank you."

Alex laughed. "Can I give him a little something for the pain, Cait?" he asked Donovan.

"Yes," Cait said as she made the last pass over Anjou's wound. "2 cc Terakine," she said and examined her handiwork. For a temporary fix it wasn't bad. "OK, Konrad. You know the drill. You're on your way to the ED to get a surgeon to make sure I didn't connect your ear to your chin." She tapped her combadge and said, "transporter room...beam Dr. Anjou directly to the ED Trauma bay and alert them they have incoming."

=/\=Uh.... last word out of Sick Bay was that the reptiles are all waking up and can’t be sedated,=/\= came the reply. =/\=I’m not sure they’d appreciate incoming wounded right now. And also, you could get eaten. Or something.=/\=

"That's okay, I'm good." Konrad tried to reassure Cait and Alex.

Konrad then tried to stand up, only to collapse to one knee. "Wow. Getting attacked by a dinosaur really hurts."

Caitlin slipped her arm under Konrad's and helped him to his feet. She steered him over to a control console and helped him back down, with his back against the console. "Stay here. I want to make sure those things are out," she said. "Alex...give him another hypo for pain and monitor his vitals."

"Yes, Ma'am," Alex said. He gave Konrad the shot and opened up a medical tricorder. "Well, you're not dead. I'll let you know if that changes."

Caitlin approached the force field that had been reactivated and squatted down near the Durrighash closest to the field. Scanning the creature she detected slow life signs. It wasn't completely out but it was immobilized. The other one was too far from the force field to be scanned by a bioscanner so she could only assume it was in the same sedated state as its companion. She stood back up and joined Konrad and Alex. "How's he doing?" she asked Konrad.

Alex grinned mischievously.

"He's alive," he said. "With a forecast of staying that way if he gives up space lizard wrestling. If not, I predict broken bones, scratches, and bite wounds, with a chance of passing beyond this mortal coil. Pushing up daises. Buying the farm. Developing rapid onset terminal horizontalism even."

Caitlin placed her hand on Alex's shoulder in a motherly fashion and gave him a gentle squeeze as she looked back at the Durringhash behind the force field. "Hopefully it won't be much longer," she said.


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