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Colonist In the Brush

Posted on Sat Sep 5th, 2020 @ 7:57pm by Master Warrant Officer Cipher & Lieutenant Kathryn Dallas M.D., Ph.D. & Petty Officer 1st Class Ellaby Willis
Edited on on Mon Sep 7th, 2020 @ 11:14pm

Mission: Mission 1: Best Laid Plans
Location: Carcosian Settlement
Timeline: MD 4 | 1500

Cipher darted between the narrow crevices amidst the wreckage looking for life signs. The anti-grav harness affixed to his belt allowed him nearly zero-G movement when climbing, pivoting, and shimmying.

"I think I found one," Cipher called back to his team. "He's below approximately five meters of debris. Someone make contact while I assess the structural integrity and determine a critical path."

"Received!" Shouted Ellaby, her tone stern as she made her way with brutal efficiency to the general vicinity. She tried one more time to summon assistance from beyond their little sphere of the nightmare, but as it had been the first three times, the signal failed to connect. "No response on the comm," she added, bitterly. "Coming to you..." With quiet and deliberate forethought, Ellaby looked for the most stable route to Cipher's position in her opinion, though she waited for his assessment before moving.

With Ellaby already on her way down, Kate watched with intense focus, waiting for further instruction. There was no point in Kate heading down there as well until a proper route has been decided. Besides, under the circumstances, she had to be prepared to go for help just in case. For good measure, she tried her badge just in case and found as she too could not raise communications. "How is it looking?" Kate called out.

"Crowded," Cipher said with a grunt. He was slowly cutting his way through the debris with a laser torch, carefully selecting his path as he went. The tricorder affixed to his helmet near his headlamp was churning algorithms a mile a minute, but he didn't need them. This wasn't the first shitstorm he'd navigated. "But doable."

Ellaby's route took her to Cipher's far right side and moved slowly so as to be a help rather than a hindrance. Hanging from her safety line, she scanned the rock and metal detritus for an alternative means of reaching, or at least communicating with the trapped soul. "Can you hear me?" She called as she placed both feet against a large chunk of something that used to fly. "We know where you are, we just gotta cut through. Won't be too long," she glanced in Cipher's direction, seeking a means to assist.

There was no immediate response from the victim, so Cipher risked picking up the pace.

She kept talking, hoping for something in response, and finally, as Cipher seemed to break through an elongated howl of pain sounded out into the world. Ellaby hung back, holding her safety line and looking up to where Kate waited. "Try the comms again!" She called up. "Anything?" She looked past Cipher to the space in which the wounded person lay and made unhappy face. The expression on her face as she looked to the Master Warrant Officer's spoke volumes. Then it added a postscript. We're not gonna move this one easily.

And then the ground seemed to grumble, a shout sounded from above, followed by a second. Angry voices, a rumble of rocks and the rock face cried out in pain as it shifted. The sign of life within the cliff's grasp flatlined, then blinked out on their sensors, but that was the least of Ellaby and Cipher's problems as the cliff itself became unstable, threatening their own position.

"Get clear!" Ellaby yelled, swinging out on her rope as the trapped wreckage whined and groaned.

Cipher typed his combadge. "Cipher to Sherman Potter - four to beam out!"



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