Captain's log, stardate 51478.3

Posted on Tue Jul 6th, 2021 @ 4:05am by Captain Pierce Hunnicutt MCh

After helping the Durrighash repair their ship and attend to their dead, they insisted on what they called a Blood Oath Ceremony. This turned out to simply be swearing on our own blood to always assist one another and did not involve actually cutting ourselves, which was a fear of some of the crew. We also reviewed their security logs and crossed referenced them with the files we obtained from Canopus Station when we arrived in Messier 4 and concluded that it was a species called the Reka. The Durrighash don't like to kill, so they attempted to subdue the Reka rather than kill them. This seems to have been their undoing.

They have decided to return to their own galaxy for reinforcements. We attempted to discern where their galaxy is in relation to ours, but the language barrier made it next to impossible. We are almost sure they were referring to Andromeda, but not 100%.

With the Durrighash on their way home, we're heading back to Canopus to restock supplies and have a little bit of R&R before the next big crisis arises. I've got my money on chicken pox outbreak. My chief engineer put one hundred credits on skinned knees on Carpathia. I hope the betting pool is always this entertaining.