Mission 2.5: Intermission

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Go! Play! Have fun!

Thing 1, Thing 2, Code Green, Code Blue

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The Sherman Potter comes across a pod of cosmosoans and discover one in distress.


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An outbreak of an unknown virus calls the Sherman Potter to the new Carpathian settlement- made up of mostly Federation and Starfleet dissenters- where they are met with mild hostility and accusations of causing the outbreak in an effort to get rid of them. Now the Sherman Potter must play diplomat as well as doctor to find a cure before too many people die.

Mission 1: Best Laid Plans

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With the arrival of Starfleet in Messier 4, Carcosia has been thrust into the Myriad’s view. After a Reka attack on a Carcosian settlement, the Sherman Potter is called in to help with the injured. There are a lot more in need of medical attention than was first reported, putting a strain on the ship’s facilities.

Mission 2: No Good Deed

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The Sherman Potter detects an unknown ship drifting through space. Scans show reptilian life signs, so they stop to help. However, due perhaps to a general distrust of strangers or actual animosity, the reptiles are hostile when revived and the crew must find a way to communicate our intentions with them and de-escalate the situation, preferably without loss of life.