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Master Warrant Officer Cipher

Name Cipher

Position Aerospace Rescue Officer

Rank Master Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bynar
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 125cm (4'1)
Weight 45kg (99lbs)
Hair Color Bald, save for purple hair on neck
Eye Color Indigo
Physical Description Diminutive and wiry in stature, Cipher is as unintimidating as he is peculiar. From his asymmetrical ears to his bulbous lilac head, he is Bynar through and through. A cybernetic implant prominently protrudes from his left temple.


Other Family Paired Mate: 110-01 (deceased)

Virtual Assistant: Logarithm

Personality & Traits

General Overview Awkward. Cipher does not always respond to everything said to him, and sometimes responds to things that weren't. Friendly enough to those who display the same to him, Cipher channels his inner pain and rage into his work where he sees every endangered soul as the paired mate he failed to save. In early 2389, Cipher overcame the loss of his mate by integrating a quantum upgrade from the Bynar master computer, which released him from the binary orientation that made the loss of his mate so crippling. His struggle now has moved from coping with loss to understanding his new cognitive spectrum.
Strengths & Weaknesses Since he prefers computers over relationships, he is not exactly a people person. As such, there are few computer specialists who can compare to his technopathy.

+ Fluent in every major computing language. Literally.
+ Can physically link his brain to computer hardware.
+ Eidetic memory.

- Oblivious to most social cues.
- Offers unsolicited commentary.
- He does not accept criticism or failure with grace.
Ambitions To fully understand his new non-binary cognition and save as many lives in the interim.
Hobbies & Interests Cipher plays a game (“The Game”) with Logarithm, his virtual assistant, where he pretends that Logarithm is his deceased mate. Whenever Cipher remembers that his mate is dead, they both lose a point; whenever Logarithm makes him forget the death of his mate, he gains a point; whenever Cipher overlooks the absence of his mate, he gains a point. Their aggregate score at last tally was -3,045,988,210.

Personal History In 2348, two Bynars were birthed in the same hour and contained similar yet complimentary attributes. 101-01 and 101-10 were thus paired together for life through a cybernetic uplink. They were among the few Bynars commissioned for work offworld, as non-binary cultures were an affront to the otherwise advanced Bynar civiliation.

After the untimely death of his pair in an unfortunate accident, the Bynar designated 101-10, now self-designated Cipher, did not return to Bynaus. As per Bynar protocol, all Bynars who survive the death of their paired mate return to their homeworld and undergo a repairing process. Any Bynar who does not is deleted from the registry of the master computer network, rendering them exiled and expatriated.

Forging his own path, Cipher took the brave step to enter Starfleet as half of a whole. Few people would understand his predicament, which essentially amounted to a mental disability for a Bynar. Despite his demonstrable aptitude, he was rejected for the officer track at the Academy for clear concerns regarding his leadership ability. The enlisted Corps of Engineers, however, snatched him up without a second thought.

Always moving from one post to another, Cipher seldom remained in one assignment for very long -- not only because his skills were in high demand, but also because his impersonal nature did not make him the life of the party. His clinical dependence on Logarithm, a robotic emotional support assistant, further distanced him from his colleagues.

And then the Bynar Information Crisis happened. In January of 2389, the master network of Bynaus received an unexpected quantum upgrade from an outside third party that forever altered its processes. While the quantum upgrade was voluntary for each individual Bynar, the master network itself advanced beyond binary computation into quantum computation. Such an advancement was predicted to be catastrophic by all leading anthropologists, cyberneticists, and IT specialists alike, yet when no cataclysm followed, many Bynars returned from exile in order to relink to the master network and become quantified beyond their limited binary cognition.

After a year of his quantum orientation, Cipher has discovered a new lust for life that he had never known before. Logarithm still accompanies him in a support capacity, but as his last counseling assessment confirmed, Cipher has made strong inroads toward recovery from what was before a debilitating loss. When Starfleet Command reactivated its Dominion War era MASH program, Cipher was shortlisted for its Aerospace Rescue Division.
Service Record 2390 - Present
MWO | USS Sherman Potter - Aerospace Rescue Officer

MWO | Starbase 375 - Damage Control Technician/Senior Computer Specialist (NBCN Certified)

SWO | Outpost 99 - Damage Control Technician/Computer Systems Specialist (HAZMAT Certified)

WO | USS Isolda Computer Systems Specialist/Emergency Response Technician (SAR Certification)

PO1 | USS Elysion Computer Systems Specialist

PO2 | USS Huangdi - Computer Systems Specialist

PO2 | USS Seminole - Computer Systems Specialist

PO2 | USS Warsaw - Computer Systems Specialist

PO1 | USS Layfield - Computer Systems Specialist

PO1 | USS Guggenheim Computer Systems Specialist

PO1 | Completed Corps of Engineers enlisted training