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Lieutenant Commander Alexei Donaurov

Name Alexei Andreyovich Donaurov DO, MPH, MSSI

Position Chief Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species New Kossackian
Age b. 2332

Physical Appearance

Height 1.86 meters
Weight 81 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown


Other Family House Donauri

Personality & Traits

General Overview I will fill in all the blanks in a day or so. I am in the middle of something at the moment and just need to get the character aboard so I can start playing with the manifest ASAP.

Personal History Alexi Andreyovich Donaurov is a noble, a second child of the reigning Heads of the Noble House of Donauri (Currently Alexi’s parents). His elder sister Anastasia and her husband are heirs to the Head of House Donauri.

New Kossakians are a hybrid species. Their origins date back to mid 22nd Century, when a sub-light colony ship launched in the late 21st Century arrived in the Kossack system and discovered an inhabited by a once hearty and long lived race. These were the original Kossackians. By the 22nd Century, the original Kossackians were highly inbred and nearly sterile for all intents and purposes. They agreed to not only allow the Russian colonists (the descendents of the original colonists by this point) to settle the worlds of the Kossack system, but to help them do so. The Kossackian’s price was the Russians intermarry and interbreed with them, the intent being to create a hybrid race, blending the best of both species. The deal was struck and colonization began.

The Russians brought with them much of their culture, and a desire to blend the best of that culture and the New Kossakians eventually formed the People’s Imperial Democratic Socialist Republic of New Kossackia.

The PIDSRoNK is a constitutional monarchy of sorts. The nobility is very similar to that of Imperial Russia of old, with a few modifications here and there. There are Imperial Princes (Grandchildren of the Emperor and Empress; in other words, the children of Grand Dukes and Grand Duchess who are the children of the Emperor and Empress) and there are Noble Princes (those nobles granted the title of “Prince” which their children also carry). Alexei is a Noble Prince. As the second child, and therefore not the heir to the Head of Household, Alexei was encouraged to pursue a career of service to the people of the PIDSRoNK, or perhaps service to the Federation as a whole.

Alexei pursued a career in medicine, learning Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine to start, and moving on to Infectious Disease. After a few years working in the PIDSRoNK, his application to Starfleet was accepted. Following completion of Officer Candidate School and commissioning at the rank of Lieutenant (due to his combination of education and experience), Alexei spent two years completing the FCDC (Federation Centers for Disease Control) Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer Fellowship. Alexei spent most of his fellowship working near the front lines of the Dominion War, compiling data on real or suspected Dominion bio-weapons and investigating outbreaks of “camp diseases”, and helping to develop plans to combat these challenges. He drew on his knowledge and experience in Public Health, Preventive Medicine, and Infectious Diseases, while mastering principles and practices of Epidemiology.

After the Dominion War, Alexei was assigned to the Cardassian Reconstruction Command. Conditions on Cardassia Prime were harsh, especially in the areas affected by the bombardment, but the harsh conditions extended to the whole planet and to other Cardassian worlds. The Cardassian Union had completely collapsed and needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. Services were erratic and sanitation issues and shortages of food, power, water, and medicine in various areas contributed to conditions already primed for population level health concerns. Alexei and the other EIS “Disease Detectives” responded to every hint of an outbreak of infectious disease, while also working to address other health-related epidemics. Additionally, the EIS officers spent time educating the Cardassians on the subject of health concerns caused by pollutants and with the help of environmental and occupational health specialists and civil engineers, helped them to develop better, safer, and more sustainable industrial practices. The entire EIS team was recognized by both Starfleet and the Cardassian Provisional Government for their tireless work.

Following his work in the Cardassian system, Alexei reported to the Starfleet Medical Intelligence Center, where he helped gather and analyze data on health epidemics that might pose a threat to the Federation and its allies. This was followed by an assignment to the Hospital Ship USS Jonas Salk as Chief EIS Officer.

In 2390, Alexei was assigned to the Hospital Ship USS Sherman Potter as Chief EIS Officer.
Service Record Education

University of New Moscow
-Combined Bachelor/Master Degree in Medical Anthropology, focus on Public Health
-Pre Med Studies

New Saint Petersburg University, College of Osteopathic Medicine
-Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)

New Moscow General Hospital
-Combine Pediatric/Adult Internal Medicine Residency
-Master of Public Health (MPH) Preventive Medicine

New St. Petersburg University Hospital
-Infectious Disease Fellowship

Starfleet Academy
-Starfleet Officer Candidate School

Federation Centers for Disease Control
-Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer Fellowship

Starfleet Academy School of Graduate Studies
-Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence (Medical Intelligence)

In-Service Training:

Bridge Officer Course

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

Service Record:

2350-2354 Combine BS/MS Medical Anthropology (Public Health focus)

2354-2358 Osteopathic Medical School

2358-2362 Combined Adult/Pediatric Internal Medicine Residency and MPH (Preventice Med)

2362-2365 Infectious Disease Fellowship/MSc in Infectious Disease Epidemiology

2365-2372 Public Health Officer, PIDSRoNK

2372-2373 Starfleet Officer Candidate School

2373-2375 Lieutenant, Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer Fellowship, Starfleet Medical Intelligence Center, Dominion War

2375-2380 Lieutenant, EIS Officer/Public Health Officer, , Federation Centers for Disease Control, Cardassian Reconstruction

2380-2381 Lieutenant Commander, Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence (Medical Intelligence), Starfleet Academy School of Graduate Studies, Department of Intelligence

2381-2385 Lieutenant Commander, Medical Intelligence Officer, Starfleet Medical Intelligence Center (FMIC)

2385-2390 Lieutenant Commander, Chief EIS Officer, Hospital Ship Jonas Salk

2390-2390 Assigned USS Sherman Potter, Chief EIS Officer