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Lieutenant Bronwyn P'ril

Name Bronwyn P'ril

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3" (1.6m)
Weight 120 lbs (54.4kg)
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description P'ril is typical of Vulcan women in that she is small, but is often mistaken for human because of her medium length blond hair and blue eyes. While on duty, her hair is usually kept on top of her head in a simple knot, but off duty, she leaves it down. She appears much younger than her 25 years, which is also typical of Vulcans.


Father Joram O'Riley, age 53
Mother T'prin, age 67
Brother(s) Devlyn Selek, age 27

Personality & Traits

General Overview Having been raised among humans, P'ril expresses emotion more readily than most Vulcans, yet keeps them well in control, unlike most humans. She has a tendency to give a slight smile from time to time and is often to be seen laughing at her cat, who was a gift from a friend.
Hobbies & Interests P'ril plays piano more beautifully than any human ever did. She has composed her own music based on the ancient Vulcan alphabet. It is immensely complex and each note represents a letter, each line- soprano, alto, tenor, bass- tells its own story, which, when translated, reveals something about her thoughts and feelings at the time it was written. She sings rather well, too.

Personal History P'ril was born on Vulcan to the human Joram O'Riley and the Vulcan T'prin. Because they could not decide on one name, she was given both a Human and a Vulcan name. Vulcan children were often confused by P'ril and her younger brother Selek because she would openly show her emotions. Her mother attempted to teach her a good balance- control your emotions, but do not hold them in. Humans need to express themselves, she said, and since P'ril was half human, she must do this also.

When P'ril was five years old, her father took a job on Earth and T'prin left her job at the Vulcan science institute to remain with her family. They settled in Toronto, Ontario, where P'ril made human friends less easily than she had Vulcan ones. Unlike Vulcan children, Human ones tend to speak their minds and once that is done, they rarely changed them. In school, she had one friend, Lily Barnes, who took piano lessons from the lady across the street from the school. P'ril went to a lesson with Lily once and decided that she wanted to learn, too, so her mother, seeing an opportunity for her daughter to do something decidedly human, signed her up for lessons, too.

In secondary school, her phenomenal piano playing brought her to the attention of more of her classmates and since they were curious enough to get to know her, she became very popular. To her surprise, she and her brother were not the only half Vulcans at her secondary school. There were two others- T'lan and Sokar, a brother and sister with a Vulcan father and a human mother. These naturally joined her circle of friends.

After school, she decided to join Starfleet. Several of her fiends, including Lily and Sokar, made the same decision, so she had many friends right from the start. After an “open mic” at a local club where she played piano, she was asked to play for many functions. However, she had to turn many of them down because of her studies. Lily pointed out that she could probably play the piano for her whole life if she wanted to, but P'ril replied that if it were her job, she would not enjoy it as much.

She graduated third in her class at the academy and first out of the engineers. She was asked to assist the Chief Engineer of Jupiter Station in further training of new engineers for a year and since only the best and worst are sent to Jupiter, she accepted. It was there that she met and befriended Sam Kiley, a tall, dark-skinned security officer who looked frightening at first, but turned out to be a big teddy bear. He got her an orange tiger striped cat for her birthday and P'ril named him Meow Ming. Vulcans seem to understand cats better than dogs and even P'ril's mother enjoyed the company of the cat when P'ril brought him home before heading off to her second post on the USS Impala.

After serving for several years on the Impala, P'ril was offered the position of Chief Engineer aboard the USS Sherman Potter, a medical ship.
Service Record Service Record:
Engineering School at Starfleet Academy
Assistant to CEO, Jupiter Station
Engineer/ACEO, USS Impala
CEO, USS Sherman Potter