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Captain Pierce Hunnicutt

Name Pierce Hunnicutt MCh

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2" (1.88m)
Weight 173lbs (78.5kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Pierce is tall and wiry, his black hair is only barely just beginning to be touched by grey. He usually sports a bit of stubble as he finds shaving annoying.


Significant Other Donna Penburthy-Hunnicutt, DECEASED
Children Son: Theodore Hunnicutt, age 30
Father Jason Hunnicutt, age 83
Mother Samantha Hunnicutt, age 81
Brother(s) Bartholomew Hunnicutt, age 52
Lance Hunnicutt, age 51
Simon Peter Hunnicutt, age 48
Jaxon Hunnicutt, age 47

Personality & Traits

General Overview Pierce is laid back in his personal and professional life, but never in his work. He uses deadpan jokes to relieve stress, but never allows it to get in the way of his duties. As an executive officer, he was strict, but kind, always taking the time to make sure his crew mates’ mental health was looked after. He is quick to cut others a lot of slack, but don’t push it too far because he is not afraid of discipline when necessary.
Strengths & Weaknesses +forgiving
+strong willed

-too lenient at times
-sometimes takes jokes too far
Hobbies & Interests plays the french horn, poker, sports

Personal History Pierce was born the eldest of five boys somewhere in the Beta quadrant, on a trader’s ship captained by his mother. Growing up a trader caused a lot of stress and Pierce and his brothers coped by joking through it, much to the chagrin of their parents who were more the get down to business type. They spent their days skateboarding in the halls, and playing old earth games like hopscotch and tag and hide and seek. With no holodeck to entertain them, they were left to their own imaginations.

Early in life, he took an interest in the medics on the ship and started learning everything he could from them. One medic in particular- Jon Burro- took Pierce under his wing and taught him things like how to set and heal a broken bone and using a dermal regenerator to sew up cuts when Pierce was only fourteen years old. It was Jon who suggested Starfleet Medical school.

His parents were supportive of his decision to join Starfleet. If they were disappointed that he didn’t want to go into the family trading business, it never showed. And so, off he went to Starfleet Academy.

His laid back manner and easy smile made him very popular at the academy. He soon found himself with so many friends, he couldn’t remember all of their names. He remedied this by giving them all nicknames. To this day, Ace, Sandy, Bear, and Half-pint have no idea that he actually has no clue what their real names are.

In his first year of medical school, he began dating Donna Penburthy, a bartender at a bar near the academy. She was as laid back as he was and bright enough to enter the academy herself, but had fallen into bartending and discovered that she was very good at it and loved it. So there she stayed.

Donna gave birth to a son two years after they started dating. Theodore was a happy child, always laughing and grinning. He rarely cried, which made it very easy for his parents to know when there was something very wrong with him.

When Piece graduated from medical school as a surgeon, he proposed to Donna, not really expecting her to accept. To his utter surprise- and unashamed delight- she did. To save time and headache, they married quickly and so, with a 3-year-old son and a new wife, Pierce reported to his first assignment and residency aboard the USS Poseidon.

To Pierce’s surprise, he and Donna were still on the Poseidon when the Dominion war broke out, though he was, by this time, the chief medical officer. Fearing for their lives, he opted to send them back to Earth, “just until the war is over and then you can join me again.” However, on their way back to Earth, the transport ship was attacked and Donna was killed. Theo survived and went to live with his mother’s family on Earth.

When the war ended, Pierce offered to Theo to return to the Poseidon, but Theo had made friends and was looking to enter the academy in a little less than a year, so they decided it would be best if he stayed on Earth. Pierce had never really had an opportunity to mourn the loss of his wife and now, the reality came crashing down around him. His jokes became dark and he began secluding himself. Eventually, the Poseidon’s counselor- also a close personal friend of Pierce’s- convinced him to seek help and he was able to get out of his funk.

It was about this time that Starfleet finally decided to move him to a different ship and he was sent to the Orion, again as the chief medical officer. New friends and a new place aided him even more in healing and he was able to become more of his old self.

It wasn’t until he turned 50 that he was offered an XO spot, this time on the Scorpius. He had to consider the change for a long time as he loved being a doctor and couldn’t imagine being anything else. Eventually, though, he accepted the position and thanks to a mildly understaffed medical team, was able to assist in Sick Bay at least twice a month.

Finally, when Starfleet found themselves successfully exploring another galaxy, They saw the need to revive the old MASH program from the Dominion War. Thus, the USS Sherman Potter was pulled out of retirement, retrofitted, and put back into commission. Pierce was offered the captain’s seat, and with the promise of being able to practice medicine more frequently along with exploration of a new galaxy, he accepted quickly.
Service Record 2353-2357: Starfleet academy
2357-2361: Starfleet Medical School
2361-2363: USS Poseidon, surgical residency
2363-2367: USS Poseidon, surgical fellowship
2367-2369: USS Poseidon, surgeon and ACMO
2369-2376: USS Poseidon, CMO
2376-2386: USS Orion, CMO
2386-2390: USS Scorpius, XO
2390-present, USS Sherman Potter, CO

COMMAND CODE: Alpha-5-4-0-2