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Lieutenant Theodore Hunnicutt

Name Theodore Hunnicutt MD

Position Detachment Medical Advisor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 76kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Pale green
Physical Description Muscular build, clearly takes pride in his appearance. Mocha skin, pale green eyes that look blue when he wears that colour. Hair is kept either shaved close to his skull or allowed to form tight black curls. Usually sports either neat three day stubble or a tidy beard. Relaxed outward demeanour and an easy smile. He keeps his personal demons locked down for the most part, but those close to him can tell when he’s faking that easy going nature.


Father Pierce Hunnicutt MCh
Mother Donna Penburthy-Hunnicutt, DECEASED
Other Family Paternal Grandfather - Jason Hunnicutt, age 83
Paternal Grandmother - Samantha Hunnicutt, age 81
Uncle - Bartholomew Hunnicutt, age 52
Uncle - Lance Hunnicutt, age 51
Uncle - Simon Peter Hunnicutt, age 48
Uncle - Jaxon Hunnicutt, age 47

Friend - Ellaby Willis - 34
Friend - Wayne McIntyre - 31

Personality & Traits

General Overview Theo is basically a happy person, but he has a deeper trauma hidden underneath a deflecting sense of humour and friendly sarcasm. He’s flippant and dismissive about his own feelings and state of mind and will swiftly divert attention to someone else if pressed on these subjects. He cares deeply for people in danger, takes time to trust strangers and relies on a very small group of people for emotional support. He will willingly put his own life in danger to help others, whether that is working far too many hours or putting himself in a physically challenging situation. He’s not reckless or suicidal, just very focused on saving lives.

He doesn’t like to tell people how to live their lives or what their opinion should be, but he does enjoy a good debate if both parties are invested in (at least mostly) logical discussion. He’ll work towards his own opinion being listened to and considered rather than needing to change someone’s mind, and he loses interest quickly if someone tries to force their opinion on him.

Doesn’t resent his dad for sending them back, but he still disagrees with the decision. Throws that back into the mix if he loses his temper, which is rare. Uses humour as a defense mechanism until pushed past his tolerance. Needs to occupy his mind, and still suffers from the occasional night terror.

Bit of a perfectionist, he likes order rather than chaos, and climbing and diving both help him focus.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Focused, loyal, energetic and very determined. Independent. Driven. Cares deeply about people’s survival.

Insular, stubborn. Can be single-minded when he has a goal to achieve. Harbours a deep-seated fear of being on starships, but has buried this deep down over the years.
Ambitions He’s on a mission to save people, dust them off, fix them up and send them back out into the world alive.
Hobbies & Interests Avid climber, diver, hang-gliding, hiking. Keeps in good physical shape and loves being outdoors.

Personal History Theo had a happy childhood, he was born on Earth, but his earliest memories are of being with both his parents on a starship and being loved. He’s an only child, but there were always people around who he knew cared about him and wanted to keep him safe and that sense of safety pervaded his childhood enough for him to want to push the boundaries as he got older.

Holodecks, alien worlds all provided adventures that little Theo embraced wholeheartedly. He loved to climb, swim, and overall explore whatever environment he was placed within. He knew every inch of the Jefferies Tubes on the Poseidon and, along with the other children, used to play hide and seek and test the limits of any geography he had access to.

Until he was ten he wanted to be an explorer, an archaeologist or Captain of his own ship or all three at the same time. In his early teens he soaked up information on cartography, other languages and worlds, loving the feeling of being out in the universe discovering new (to him) people and planets.

But at 15, everything changed. The Dominion War broke out. Theo’s father sent him and his mother home. Theo didn’t want to go ‘home’, for him home was exactly where he was already, with his family on the Poseidon. He couldn’t really remember being on Earth, he didn’t know the people there beyond the screen time he’d had with family every so often. In typical teenage mode, he struggled and vehemently argued against it, obviously to no avail, and went, unhappily but peacefully to the transport.

Theo was asleep when the attack on the transport happened, and his memories of it are fractured and harrowing. Badly injured in the encounter with the enemy ship, Theo remembers waking up pinned down, covered in blood and hearing subdued klaxons. His aching and fuzzy head tried to focus, vision blurry and mostly dark, but one sound broke through everything else. One gut-wrenchingly awful sound. His mother’s long drawn out, agonising screams.

Unable to move, caught in semi-darkness, Theo was trapped in that moment for what seemed like an eternity until he passed out. When he woke up, he was on a bio-bed en route to Earth. He found out as he recovered from serious injury during the voyage, that his mother had died.

Theo’s next two years were mixed up emotionally. Night terrors, anxiety, time to adjust to both being on a planet to not being with either of his parents. He acted out at home, struggling to deal with everything he had been through, the distance and his fear of losing his father too. He remained with his mother’s family who had custody, but also spent time with his father’s family as he came to terms with this new status quo at the same time as finishing high school.

By the time he was seventeen, through the support of family and a close friendship with two people in particular, Theo started to turn back into a fully functioning human again. The trio was inseparable, though Wayne was a year older and Ellaby was four years Theo’s senior. He learned to dive, climb, shoot and hang glide, spent long weekends camping and hiking. During vacations he worked as a volunteer with mountain search and rescue teams.

A few girlfriends came and went, no one special, then Theo signed up with Wayne for the Academy, determined to try and conquer his fear of going back into space. He didn’t admit this as the reason he didn’t join his father on the Poseidon when Pierce invited him to come back, but figured he’d fix himself first, and then not have to confess to this embarrassing weakness.

Ellaby was four years head of Theo and Wayne, already enrolled at the Academy and now training in Combat Search and Rescue. Wayne took the Medical track and trained as a surgeon. Theo opted to specialise in Emergency Medicine. The circumstances in which he’d lost his mother still haunted him. He didn’t want anyone else to have to listen to those screams. No, he wanted to help people, fix them up and send them safely back to their loved ones.

Theo has just finished his residency when he hears that his father has accepted the Captaincy of the USS Sherman Potter. Unwilling to be left behind again, his fear pushed deep down within, Theo requests permission to be assigned to his father’s ship.

Service Record 2360: Born
2363-2375: USS Poseidon - Father's surgical residency
2375-2378: Returned to Earth to be with maternal family after mother's death.
2378-2382: Starfleet academy (18-22)
2382-2386: Starfleet Medical School (22-26)
2386-2389: Surgical residency (26-29)
2390: USS Sherman Potter